& Melissa Loop Painting Show Opens on November 4th">Ute Bertog & Melissa Loop Painting Show Opens on November 4th

Rosalux is pleased to present new work by local painters Melissa Loop and Ute Bertog.

Public Reception: Saturday, November 11, 6-10pm
Family Happy Hour: Saturday, November 18, 4-6pm
Exhibition Dates: November 4-26, 2017

Melissa Loop uses her travels to explore notions of authenticity, place, and spirituality through our experiences of other cultures. Follow the Moon is inspired by her trips to Central America in 2012 and 2015 when she visited ancient Mayan sites. While her paintings are based on reality, the compositions are purposefully invented in an attempt to recreate rare moments of spiritual transcendence one encounters when taking a pilgrimage to a sacred place. With this particular group of paintings, Loop focused on exploring the space between imagination, reality, spiritual transcendence, and dreams. By doing this, she is weaving a tale of a pilgrim coming out of a deep sorrow and finding the origin of life.

Tie Yourself to Me, 2017, Synthetic polymer on panel, 18 x 24″
WP Mloop Tie














In Voiceatscript
, Ute Bertog continues to explore the tenuous relationship between abstraction and language in her paintings to address themes of communication and its failure. For Voiceatscript she focuses on a deeply felt sense of speechlessness. Being speechless and without words to articulate one’s thoughts and opinions is seen either as a defiant gesture or – more often – as a sign of powerlessness. In order to regain a sense of power Bertog then reaches for readymade texts, quotes,  and cliches as a starting point for her paintings, only to lose them again in the painting process. The goal is to introduce the necessary space for questions, imagination and play to take hold to freely renegotiate original content.

Foreign echoes, 2017, Oil on canvas, 14 x 11″
1 WP Ubertog Foreign





















UTE BERTOG at Gallery 71

UTE BERTOG is showing her abstract paintings at Gallery 71 in Edina, MN.

Opening Reception: Wed, June 14, 6:30 – 9pm

Show Dates: May 11-July 28, 2017.
Gallery hours: Saturdays 1-4pm
More information at

SEQUENTIAL showcases 4 Minnesotan artists that are interested in the inherent possibilities of working in series. Other artists in the exhibition are Jesse Hickman, Mary Gibney and Michael Cimino.

1 Ubertog

Ute Bertog at Gallery 71

2 Ubertog

Ute Bertog at Gallery 71



Ute Bertog’s paintings at TuckUnder Projects

Ute Bertog will present her paintings at TuckUnder Projects in an exhibit entitled Et al.

Opening Thursday, September 3, 6-9 pm

Shows Run September 3 – October 4, 2015
Gallery Hours Wed-Sun, & By Appointment

5120 York Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN USA 55410

Image: Ute Bertog - White Expanded Limitless - Gouache on paper - 6x9 Inches

Image: Ute Bertog – White Expanded Limitless – Gouache on paper – 6×9 Inches


Ute Bertog in Group Exhibit at the Waiting Room Gallery

Rosalux artist, Ute Bertog is showing paintings as part of the Waiting Room’s  summer group exhibition entitled Chaos Management.
Ute Bertog’s art website –

Exhibit runs August 7 – September 26, 2015

Curated by Jehra Patrick, the exhibition centralizes on the notion that art – and artistic pursuits – are born out of inherent risk: objects, proposals, performances, and ideas out into the word without guarantee of reception. Success is unpredictable. Outcomes are hard to calculate.

Participating artists:  Kieran Riley Abbott, Kimberly Benson, Ute Bertog, Emma C. Cook, Tucker Hollingsworth, Michael Johnson, Andrea Joki (OH), Todd Kelly (NY), Kelsey Olson, Jeremy Szopinski.
More info on the exhibit at

Gallery Hours: Thurs. 4–8pm and Fri., Sat., and Sun. from 12–4 pm and by appointment.

Waiting Room is located in the historic Loring Corners building near Loring Park in Minneapolis.
1629 Hennepin Avenue
Suite 300F
Minneapolis, MN 55403

 It was a dialogue / Luu, 2013, Ink on paper,   11 1/2 x 8 1/2"

Ute Bertog – It was a dialogue / Luu, 2013, Ink on paper,
11 1/2 x 8 1/2″

 Mirrored, 2015,   Glazed stoneware, acrylic wall paint,  10 1/5 x 8 1/5"

Ute Bertog- Mirrored, 2015,
Glazed stoneware, acrylic wall paint,
10 1/5 x 8 1/5″





















Melissa Loop: Outside Looking In – Ute Bertog: Reading the Story

Rosalux Gallery 

Melissa Loop: Outside Looking In
Ute Bertog: Reading the Story 

June 6-June 28, 2015
Opening reception June 6th, 6-10 pm

Rosalux Gallery is pleased to present two solo shows by local artists Melissa Loop and Ute Bertog. Loop’s landscape paintings combine misrepresentations, dreams, and nostalgia of the South Seas through the lens of an outsider. In ‘Reading the story’ Bertog explores the remarkable human ability to craft stories and meaning out of the smallest bits and pieces. This will mark Bertog’s first show at the gallery. Join the artists for a reception on June 6th from 6-10pm. The show will run until June 28th.

For more information about the artists

Ute Bertog’s work is an exploration of communication and its many moments of failure. Refusing to see these as purely negative, Bertog uses those moments in a more generative way to create opportunities for meaning to slip into various guises, ready to be negotiated. Her process starts out with reading and extracting words out of pre-existing print material, which are then transferred into paint and further revised until the ability to read is either severely undermined or completely taken away. This is where imagination and play come in and readily fill in any gaps, offering the chance to reinterpret original content. 


Melissa Loop uses the guise of romantic landscape painting to explore an assumed idea of place. After immersing herself in the French Polynesia for five weeks, Loop was able to carve out an understanding of place beyond a postcard. The use of Loop’s fragmented, self critical, and nostalgic ideas of the French Polynesia confront the fantasy and reality of the exotic and the ways in which tourism and cultural stereotypes are shaping cultural preservation and identity of this faraway place. 


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