PRISCILLA BRIGGS’S Artist Monograph published by Daylight Books

PRISCILLA BRIGGS’S Artist Monograph Impossible Is Nothing: China’s Theater of Consumerism, published by Daylight Books

Impossible Is Nothing is a book of photographs that focus on constructed realities within contemporary China as they relate to ideas of luxury and status, with the West as a model of Capitalist values. At the same time, there are hints of what lies beneath the surface and the costs of global consumerism. Portraits, still life images, and urban landscapes, rich in detail, are woven together to create a lyrical ode to the optimism and imagination of contemporary China. Text contributors include Rob Schmitz (NPR foreign correspondent) and Susannah Magers (independent curator/writer).

A signed copy of the book can be purchased from Rosalux Gallery or from Priscilla’s website:

Book cover “Impossible is Nothing” by PRISCILLA BRIGGS

2 Rosalux PRISCILLA BRIGGS Station Proof



TARA COSTELLO and PRISCILLA BRIGGS in CIRCA’s 25th anniversary juried exhibition “THIS FROM THERE”

Congratulations Rosalux artists Tara Costello and Priscilla Briggs.

TARA COSTELLO’S paintings and PRISCILLA BRIGGS’ photographs are in CIRCA’s 25th anniversary juried exhibition “THIS FROM THERE” curated by Christopher Atkins. This exhibit features 25 Minnesota artists.

Reception: Saturday, November 7, 6-9 pm
Show Dates: November 7–December 5
More info at

painting by Tara Costello

painting by Tara Costello