Melissa Loop: Outside Looking In – Ute Bertog: Reading the Story

Rosalux Gallery 

Melissa Loop: Outside Looking In
Ute Bertog: Reading the Story 

June 6-June 28, 2015
Opening reception June 6th, 6-10 pm

Rosalux Gallery is pleased to present two solo shows by local artists Melissa Loop and Ute Bertog. Loop’s landscape paintings combine misrepresentations, dreams, and nostalgia of the South Seas through the lens of an outsider. In ‘Reading the story’ Bertog explores the remarkable human ability to craft stories and meaning out of the smallest bits and pieces. This will mark Bertog’s first show at the gallery. Join the artists for a reception on June 6th from 6-10pm. The show will run until June 28th.

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Ute Bertog’s work is an exploration of communication and its many moments of failure. Refusing to see these as purely negative, Bertog uses those moments in a more generative way to create opportunities for meaning to slip into various guises, ready to be negotiated. Her process starts out with reading and extracting words out of pre-existing print material, which are then transferred into paint and further revised until the ability to read is either severely undermined or completely taken away. This is where imagination and play come in and readily fill in any gaps, offering the chance to reinterpret original content. 


Melissa Loop uses the guise of romantic landscape painting to explore an assumed idea of place. After immersing herself in the French Polynesia for five weeks, Loop was able to carve out an understanding of place beyond a postcard. The use of Loop’s fragmented, self critical, and nostalgic ideas of the French Polynesia confront the fantasy and reality of the exotic and the ways in which tourism and cultural stereotypes are shaping cultural preservation and identity of this faraway place. 


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