Shana Kaplow and Emmett Ramstad Exhibition in February

Shana Kaplow and Emmett Ramstad, a new Rosalux exhibition to open February 4th. The exhibition will feature ink drawings and wall installations by Shana Kaplow and sculptural installations by Emmett Ramstad. The exhibition brings together the artists’ shared interest in the socio-political body.

Opening Reception: February 4, 6-10pm
Public dialogue with guest contributors “Art and the Social Body”: February 25, 2-4pm
Exhibition runs through February 26th.

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Shana Kaplow ink drawings – Emmett Ramstad sculptural installations







Opening Reception: Saturday, September 10, 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates: September 3 – 25, 2016
Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays, 12 – 4pm or by appt.

Stack-Loop show

Rosalux Gallery is pleased to present two solo shows by Minneapolis artists Laura Stack and Melissa Loop. In Fabricated Real, Loop’s landscape paintings use her travels to Mayan ruins in Central America as a subject to explore notions of how we form assumptions about authenticity, place, and spirituality through our explorations and ill-informed ideas of other cultures. In Fluere, Stack’s abstract ink paintings suggest an amalgam of the natural and the synthetic where shapes morph into odd, though vaguely familiar forms and ink patterns bloom, dissolve, and disperse.
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Laura Stack’s hyper-color ink paintings allude to a bodily, cellular or chemical world with its own rules and physics. Her work suggests paradoxes and simultaneities; the paradox that living things can now embody synthetic elements, the simultaneity of flatness and depth, and the illusion of movement that can be suggested within still images. Stack’s art practice is motivated by her curiosity in nature and science. Her paintings are an imagined mirroring of artificial biological or what we might call the “new natural”.

Laura Stack, Fluere 3, ink on paper, 26"x 20"

Laura Stack, Fluere 3, ink on paper, 26″x 20″

About these paintings, Melissa Loop says: “I was in Tikal sitting on top of the highest temple after sunset with about a dozen other tourists. We were listening to our Mayan guide tell us a story about him and his twin brother born in the rainforest. The Mayans believe that twins are of the gods. A sign of good luck. In the distance, the tops of the other temples peaked above the rainforest and we watched a lightning storm dance in the sky. Part of the scene was a setup created for us tourists. However, part of it was a rare moment in time that contained all of the mystic and spiritual clarity that we search for when traveling to faraway places. The setup cliche became an actual moment of transendence. By making these half fantasy paintings, I participate in the cliche. However, I can’t help but search for those rare moments where everything transcends and becomes magical again.”

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Melissa Loop, Great Sorrow, acrylic on canvas, 96” x 72″

Rosalux Gallery, 1400 Van Buren St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays noon-4pm.





Rebecca Krinke will show her sculptural installations at the upcoming Northern Spark Festival.

Rebecca Krinke will show her sculptural installation DREAM WINDOW at the upcoming Northern Spark Festival.

Dream Window is a 4-poster bed sculpture installed among the girders of the Mill City Museum ruins. Suspended high above the courtyard, like some surreal animation from a dreamscape, it is a sight for wonder and a site of remembering in the middle of your all-night, Northern Spark reverie.

The bed is semi-transparent, illuminated from within, and composed of odd bedding materials such as black feathers and transparent fabrics. Check it out from below. Look at it from above. Gaze past it across the Mississippi River, the Stone Arch Bridge and St. Anthony Falls. What is your vision?

Throughout the night the artist and her team will create pages of their dream memories—and yours—and sew them together into a single, community dream book.

Rebecca Krinke is a multidisciplinary artist working across sculpture, installation, public art, and social practice. Her work asks questions about place and emotion – and ideas of private and public.

More info about Rebecca and her artwork on these sites.
Linkon my project

Link on overview of northern spark

Rebecca’s blog about the Dream Window Project

Rebecca Krinke's sculptural installation DREAM WINDOW

Rebecca Krinke’s sculptural installation DREAM WINDOW


City Pages A-List – Laura Stack and Amy Toscani: Oddities and Curiosities show

graphite, ink on paper 30" x 22"

Laura Stack, “Anomaly #7″, graphite, ink on paper, 30″ x 22”

— By Sheila Regan
Rosalux Gallery, the Twin Cities’ longest running artist collective, brings together members Laura Stack and Amy Toscani for its new show, “Oddities and Curiosities,” opening on Saturday. In what is sure to be a remarkable event, the two artists will share their unique takes on beauty, ugliness, reality, and illusion through Stack’s mixed-media drawings and Toscani’s sculptures. Although the two artists are working in different mediums, their pieces tend to share a sense of humor while exploring contrasts. The pieces also have a transformative quality. While Stack juxtaposes organic and synthetic forms, creating almost otherworldly images, Toscani draws from pop culture and crafts, turning plastics and children’s toys into profound critiques of contemporary society. There will be an opening reception from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Saturday, September 7. Additional events include an artists’ talk with Carleton College associate professor of art David Lefkowitz at 1 p.m. Saturday, September 14, and a reading at 7 p.m. Saturday, September 28, featuring poetry and fiction by local writers.


Open Door 7 selected artists are. . .

The following artists have been selected for Open Door 7:  Samantha VanDeman, Morehshin Allahyari, Michele Guieu, Laura Andrews, Jonathan McFadden, Janet Abrams, James Hannaham, Justine Di Fiore, Garet Martin, Evie Woltil Richner, Dan Gerber, Dave Beck, David Wischer, Christopher Houltberg, Christi Furnas, Broc Blegen, Anthony Donatelle, Anne Labovitz, Amy Tillotson

Press release coming soon!

Opening Reception: Free and open to the public.  Friday February 10th from 6pm – 10pm.
Exhibit Dates: Exhibition opens February 9th and closes February 29th.