Special Event July 24, 7 PM: Hazel and Wren @ Rosalux

Hazel & Wren, a Minneapolis-based literary community will bring their inspiring approach to creating and disseminating poems and texts to Rosalux as part of the current exhibition Incident. Details:


Free; refreshments provided!

Hazel & Wren joins “Incident” for night of community, art, and of course, writers. At 7:00 pm, join us for a collaborative, audience-generated poem inspired by the show. We’ll reveal the full collaborative effort at the end of the night. At 7:30, we’ll kick off a 3 poet reading whose work parallels elements of “Incident”: significant moments,  the act of writing, feathers, and the surreal dream world. Poets featured will be Timothy Otte (previously published in Paper Darts, METRO Magazine, The Alembic, and others), Brett Elizabeth Jenkins (previously published in Revolver, PANK, Sixth Finch, and more. She is co-editor of Tinderbox Poetry Journal.), and Opal McCarthy (author of Surge: An Oral Poetics, and whose poems have appeared in alice blue review, Midway Journal, and more.)


—MORE PRESS for Incident exhibition, from L’etoile magazine:

SATURDAY, JULY 12, Rebecca Krinke & Duane Ditty: Incident, Opening Reception @ Rosalux Gallery; 7-10 pm / Free

Rebecca Krinke’s new exhibit builds off of Insomnia, her January 2014 show at Rosalux. Both utilize a black four-poster bed from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Her new work is more feral, raising questions about the space between domestic and wild, animal and human, struggle and rest, growth and stagnation, beauty and ugliness, dreams and nightmares. Duane Ditty’s work explores moments in time and the narrative of light and dark, creating muted, abstract forms that possess a monochromatic drama. -Susan Woehrle