Upcoming Show: Space is the Place – November

space is the place

David Malcolm Scott and Robert Roscoe reveal their years of artistic and architectural study and practice that enable their understanding the effects of environmental forces in our natural and man-made worlds. These artists employ various forms of abstraction as a means to portray everyday presences that tell non-verbal stories – how space is the place in which human culture perseveres.

Scott works with a multitude of techniques: watercolors, pencil, ink, and photographs, often in linear formats such as scrolls. His art draws the viewer into a rich, non-verbal history recorded in various ecologies from rivers to prairies and deserts, lunar cycles and human settlements.

Roscoe depends on photographs in single or tripartite images. His art is an outcome of close-up observations of aging metropolises that contain fragments of buildings, objects and landscapes in disintegration, no longer useful in an economic environment insistent on continual re-tooling itself. Both artists often use collage in their work, and have artistically explored places in various
parts of the world as well as in the Twin Cities.