Rosalux Gallery Announces Peepshow Opening May 14th

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Opening Reception Saturday May 14th from 7PM to Midnight

Purge your hidden art compulsions at Rosalux Gallery celebrating our 14th anniversary this coming May 14th with this spring bacchanal and fundraiser titled Peepshow!  We will be transforming Rosalux Gallery into a virtual red light district designed to spank and tickle the eye of even the most frigid art connoisseur.  Peepshow will feature a group exhibition of original work guaranteed to satisfy  your artistic predilections by Rosalux artists viewable only through peepholes, lending a voyeuristic intimacy between the longing eyes of the spectator and the depravity of the artist’s seed.  Peepshow will also feature our artist’s ribald humor in the form of short films in the Peepshow Movie House,  answers to your heart’s desire in the mysterious Peepshow Box of Secrets, limited edition collectibles for fun at home, and many other exciting surprises throughout the evening.  The opening reception for peepshow will be on Saturday may 14th from 7 -midnight and will have a limited exhibition run  during art a whirl weekend.

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Special thanks goes to Pabst Blue Ribbon for their generous sponsorship of this event!  For more information and some sneak peeks of the whats in store, visit the Peepshow event page on facebook


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Adult Books
Mike Sweere, tin collage 2016