Rosalux Announces Seize Featuring Work From Melissa Loop & Terrence Payne Coming In September

Rosalux gallery is proud to announce our newest exhibition, Seize, coming this September featuring new work from artists Melissa Loop and Terrence Payne. Seize will explore how cultural and personal  identities are manipulated, misplaced and reinvented through Melissa’s luxurious landscape paintings and Terrence’s discerning and colorful drawings.  Rosalux will host an artists reception for Seize on Friday, September 12th from 7-11 PM. The exhibition will run from September 12th through the 28th.

My Heart Wanders Back To You
Acrylic On Canvas, 40″ x 60″
Melissa Loop


Melissa Loop uses the guise of romantic landscape painting to explore the assumed Idea of place. After immersing herself in French Polynesia for five weeks, Melissa was able to carve out an understanding of place beyond a postcard. The use of Melissa’s fragmented, self critical, and nostalgic ideas of French Polynesia confront the fantasy and reality of the exotic and the ways in which tourism and cultural stereotypes are shaping cultural preservation and identity this faraway place.


Any Anemone Is An Enemy Too Many
oil pastel on paper, 66″ x 66″
Terrence Payne


Terrence contrasts the reliquary of antiquated modes of thought and social models of the past against the progressive ideals and transitioning norms of the present shedding light on the conflicts brought about by this constant change.  His archetypal drawings bring focus  to the personal struggles of his subjects revealing the point at which individuals may stop affecting change and start resisting it.  Terrence uses the wit, words, and iconography familiar in his work to challenge his audience into redefining their own place in the world and to ponder how they might influence the perceptions of those around them.