The Rematch: James Wrayge and Duane Ditty January 2017

Rosalux Gallery presents
“The Rematch- James Wrayge and Duane Ditty.”
Opening reception:  January 7, 2017 from 7pm – 10pm
Exhibit runs through January 29th.
James Wrayge: “Composition in the Key of X” oil on canvas
Though Wrayge and Ditty have only become aware of each others work relatively recently they have a shared history and similar understanding of painting, both choosing to keep their work abstract and non-objective.  The work of both displays an enthusiasm for the interplay of geometric pictorial space.

Like boxers who return to the ring they have honed their skills and are aware of the necessity for response and exchange in the working process.  Their familiarity with the canvas allows for loose, geometrically defined gestures to create a space representative of action and reaction.  Both work in the realm of discovery and ambiguity where the next move could lead to disaster or completion.

These paintings represent time and it’s overlap, surrounding and circumstance, spontaneity and consideration.

James Wrayge
Duane Ditty
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Duane Ditty:  “Departure” oil on canvas