Reading Event June 25th: Our Flow is Hard; The Devotional Butcher Reading

Our Flow is Hard Presents The Devotional Butcher Reading at Rosalux Gallery.

Featuring: Joe Hall, Feng Sun Chen, and Michael Flatt

When: June 25th, 2013 @ 7 PM
Where: Rosalux Gallery 1400 Van Buren St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Cutting boards are the beds we sleep on. Prayers are the blood running out of the dumpster. Aren’t they? They aren’t just made of air. Joe Hall, Feng Sun Chen, and Michael Flatt are here to tell us what it is to be an animal transformed by your cuts. Please join Our Flow is Hard for an intimate BYOP/C/R/M (Bring your own pillow / cushion / rug / mat) and BYOB (Bring your own beer / wine). We’ll be circling up, we’ll be crossing legs, we’ll be turning the lights down so you and I can lose track of where exactly the poems aren’t coming from.

About the readers:
Joe Hall was born in the woods and is devoted to Cheryl. His three books are Pigafetta Is My Wife (Black Ocean 2010), The Devotional Poems (Black Ocean 2013), and, in collaboration with Chad Hardy, The Container Store Vols I & II (SpringGun 2012). He currently resides in Buffalo, New York.

Feng Sun Chen’s first book is Butcher’s Tree from Black Ocean. She is also the author of chapbooks “Ugly Fish” from Radioactive Moat, “Arcane Carnal Knowledge” from Pangur Ban Party (and Night Vegetable Press), and “blud” from Spork Press. Recent poems do or will appear on her blog, in Conduit, Kill Author, Claudius App, and other places. She is recent graduate of the MFA program at the University of Minnesota and sometimes blogs about potatoes and art for

Michael Flatt is an associate editor for Counterpath and Field Editorial. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in 1913:A journal of forms, The Destroyer, Horse Less Review, SpringGun, 32 Poems, and elsewhere. His reviews of poetry and fiction have appeared in Colorado Review, New Pages, Octopus Magazine, and Cutbank. His book Absent Receiver came out on SpringGun Press in March 2013.