Read “Local Artist Interviews” with Kaplow and Krinke

Thanks to Mike McGraw of “Local Artist Interviews” for reaching out to Rosalux for conversations with Shana and Rebecca. Mike’s blog is a great resource for Minnesota artists, curators, gallery goers and others to learn more about artists’ work and process. There are interviews dating from 2001 and include fellow Rosaluxers Terrance Payne, Shawn McNulty, Amelia Biewald, Dan Buettner, and Jack Dale. See

Shana Kaplow – Painter and Video Artist

Particulates, 2015, ink on paper in 300 parts, 16’ x 20’
Shana Kaplow
For the full interview with Shana, see

Rebecca Krinke – Scuplture-Installation

















Dream Window (bed sculpture), at Mill City Museum Courtyard, Northern Spark commission,June 13, 2015 Rebecca Krinke

For the full interview with Rebecca, see: