PROSPECT: Amelia Biewald & Tara Costello in June

PROSPECT: Amelia Biewald & Tara Costello
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 4th, 7 – 10pm.
Exhibition runs June 4th – 26th.
Barbara Britton Wenner writes about Prospect in her article Prospect And Refuge In The Landscape Of Jane Austen, “Landscape…is an ideological concept. It represents a way in which certain classes of people have signified themselves and their world though their imagined relationship with nature, and though which they have underlined and communicated their own social role and that of others with respect to external nature”.
Historically the word Prospect was most often used to reference “created landscapes” in both art history and literature. Artists Tara Costello and Amelia Biewald both take creative liberty when dealing with the genre. Biewald, who often does massive mixed media installations, is painting landscapes taken from the worlds she created in her recent installation projects. In Mutualism II, the strange world created for her recent multi-media sculptural installation, Autour De La Fin Du Monde is referenced. There the three dimensional sculpture was an enormous revolving disco ball planet, here in this painting, it transforms into a female breast sprouting two happy mushrooms. Her paintings are multi-layered and vigorously worked to produce surreal beauty coupled with an eerie spatial quality.
In these works Biewald strives to achieve varying levels of translucency, further exploring her interest in notions of supernaturalness. What interests her are the inherent visual possibilities of [that] supernaturalness; where the line between what is artificial and what is natural with regards to our physicality becomes blurred.
Tara Costello makes paintings that examine unfamiliar spaces and the emotive power of the interplay of forms. She works with layers of Venetian plaster, raw pigments and wax, which she trowels onto panels creating luscious finishes. She searches to find unexpected beauty in relationships between textures and primitive marks. She paints perspectives that live, move and shift within the same moment. Through the interplay of the plaster, her limited color palette, and geometrical form, she creates spaces that invite multi-various subjects and subjectives to interact. Her landscapes or spaces are different snapshots of a day, a minute’s drive on the interstate or a set of lines in the sky.
Biewald works with a wide variety of materials creating painterly drawings and sculptural works, which often culminate in large multi-textural installations. She received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and Goldsmith’s College, University of London and then pursued installation artwork at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where she received her MFA. She has received artist awards, residencies and fellowships for her artwork including the Skowhegan School Residency, a Bush Fellowship and a Jerome Fellowship. She exhibited most recently Autour De La Fin Du Monde at Soo Visual Art Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Costello is a painter with a printmaking background. She studied In Ballyvaughn Ireland at the Burren College of Art and received her BFA from Minneapolis College of Art And Design. She has been a longstanding member of Rosalux Gallery, a collective in NE Minneapolis. Her work is shown nationally and internationally. She has received numerous commissions including commercial and residential murals Tara currently lives and works in Minneapolis