Plain Surface Plane: James Wrayge & David Malcolm Scott

Plain Surface

Exhibition runs: March 5th – March 27th
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 5th, 7-10 pm

The paintings of David Malcolm Scott act as a cross-temporal between the artist and our environment, revealing a visual abstraction of the collision between the man-made and natural worlds.

Often long and horizontal in dimension (and taking the form of a scroll), Scott’s watercolor paintings tell visual stories of places and events through time, often with an environmental bent.

As a corollary to the diversity of his subject matter, Scott’s art incorporates a variety of media beyond watercolor, such as acrylics, pencil and ink drawing, collage and photography. The resulting work draws the viewer into a rich non-verbal history recorded in rivers, prairies, lunar cycles, and human settlements. – David Malcolm Scott

James Wrayge describes his recent paintings:
“ In this selection of autotelic compositions the emphasis is on the planes and textures created by light and its movement as it travels across and within both natural and architectural landscapes.” – James Wrayge