Terrence Payne


I have worked as a visual artist in the Minneapolis area since the mid 1990’s, building a body of unique and thought provoking work while exhibiting at museums, galleries and universities throughout the united states. My work can be found in private, corporate and collegiate collections throughout the world. In 2002 I founded an artist collective called Rosalux Gallery to give local artists an opportunity to exhibit their work in an environment that would bring them high visibility while nurturing their artistic callings without the limitations imposed by many commercial galleries. Serving as gallery director since its inception, I have helped over 60 area artists further their art careers through their involvement with Rosalux.

Throughout my career, I have consistently been interested in how people view themselves in relation to the world around them and the contrast to what it is that is actually perceived of their words and actions by their communities at large.  My oil pastel portraits typically reflect the dark humor and unrelenting scrutiny that  I choose to focus on the catastrophes of the everyday that consume my subjects energies and their good intentions.  My drawings combine narrative elements, refined organic forms, along with delicate and bold lines to suggest movement and evolution in my subject’s character.  My unique style of contemporary portraiture promises to yield a catalog of archetypes and individuals as diverse as communities in which they live.  The wide ranging display of quirks and dreams will give it’s audience a fresh way to examine their own lives and those of their neighbors, highlighting the parts of themselves and others they may generally overlook or wish to be hidden resulting in an open conversation on how we all manage to get along from one day to the next.

Knot Definite, But Definitely InfiniteMy Mushroom Clouds Will Look Like Flowers