Michael Sweere


I’ve always wanted to be an artist – I’ve known this since I was quite young. 

 I grew up in Owatonna, Minnesota. After graduating from high school I attended Mankato Technical Institute and received a degree in “commercial art”. I moved to Minneapolis in 1986 and worked as a production artist for several small advertising agencies and design studios. My flexible schedule allowed me to train at The Atelier Bougie, studying classical drawing and painting.   

For the next 15 years my commercial career took precedence over my fine art passion. I advanced my skills, became an art director and worked for several large firms. In 2005, I was awarded my first large commissioned mosaic. This opportunity allowed me to resign from the advertising world and establish the Michael Sweere Mosaic Company. I’ve been creating original artwork on a full-time basis ever since.

I work in several mediums – drawing, painting, mosaics and collages. 

Much of my work incorporates recycled and salvaged objects – locating this material is a favorite pastime. I frequent salvage and thrift stores looking for dinner plates, tin objects, old books, lumber and ceramic tile. Often, my creative process unfolds with the discovery of new materials. It’s fun, it’s unpredictable and it always keeps things fresh.

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