Laura Stack

“My ink paintings and collages are informed by a curiosity about the tension between the natural and the synthetic. I am fascinated by the question, “What is the nature of life?”. As scientific research encroaches ever closer to the development of synthetic biology, the very definition of life becomes more elusive. I grapple with this question by creating an imagined view of artificial life or the “new natural”.

I envision a fluid, bodily, cellular, or chemical world expressing its own laws of physics. Organic forms such as fungi and microscopic marine life and the biological processes of lava flow and branching inspire my imagery. I coax the ink across the paper’s surface, corralling, halting, spreading, and encouraging its direction. The shapes morph into tendrils, or they bloom and disperse. Through my physical gestures and the fluidity of the ink, I aim to create a sense of pulse and movement in my paintings.

My work evokes contradictions – the embodiment of both the natural and synthetic, the simultaneity of flatness and depth, and the illusion of movement within a still image. There is no logical reading of these paintings. They are a mirroring of the mysterious questions that define our changing relationship with the natural world.”

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