David Malcolm Scott


The paintings of David Malcolm Scott act as a cross-temporal dialogue between the artist and our environment, revealing to us a visual abstraction of the collision between the man-made and the natural worlds. Long and horizontal in dimension (and often taking the form of a scroll), Scott’s watercolor paintings tell visual stories of places and events through time. The artist’s understanding of the spatial reverberations at the intersection of human and environmental forces is further enhanced by his training as an architect, particularly notable in his deft renderings of cityscapes and ancient ruins.

The paintings in Scott’s latest series of work reflect over twenty years of travel, research, and study. Places as far-flung as China and the deserts of the American Southwest, as well as locations closer to his home in Minneapolis are explored in metaphysical timelines. As a corollary to the diversity of his subject matter, Scott’s work incorporates a variety of media beyond watercolor, such as pencil and ink drawing, collage and photography. The resulting work draws the viewer into a rich, non-verbal history recorded in rivers, prairies, lunar cycles and human settlements.