Dan Buettner

These works, spanning the last three years represent who I am as a person rather than who I am as an artist. My work has become more realistic and detailed, yet is simpler than works I have done in the past.  I have always been interested in collage-type imagery, spending time pushing the materials in new directions, and reworking compositions sometimes 2 or 3 times before considering a painting done.  My latest work has very limited compositional thought.  What has become more important to me is the act of centering myself on the single brushstroke.  I think this transformation occurred because working a composition in a painting has always taken me large chunks of time- something I don’t seem to have much of anymore.  Concentrating on small detailed images as opposed to larger compositions has not only given me focus in a life where many things are happening at once, but also lends itself nicely to small amounts of studio time. The objects in my paintings are chosen on aesthetic value and arranged to invite personal interpretation.