Eleanor McGough


My paintings explore our fleeting place in the larger patterns of weather, migrations, motion, and time. Imagined hybrid life forms inhabit terrestrial, aquatic, or atmospheric spaces, revealing a fragile and tenuous relationship within these systems. I am drawn to the research of high altitude entomology that details the astonishing fact that billions of insects are carried in air drafts through the layers of our atmosphere. This idea serves as a visual metaphor to the broader context that all life is transitory and swept up in vast currents of energy.

Commingling information from biology, textiles, maps, and geometry I work with layers of illusionary depth in combination with flat pattern. The result is a merging of landscape and microscopic slide. Small grids punctuate the surfaces and function as islands of logic in arenas of randomness. These minuscule grids speak of the endless iteration of tiny structures that are the building blocks to our existence. I use repetition of forms to create a sense of motion sequentially and directionally, while the pouring and splashing of paint is an attempt to allow the materials to behave like events of weather. I want the echoes of my process to create the illusion, if even for a split second, of a collision between force and ephemerality.

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