Jonas Criscoe at Intermedia Arts

Artwork by Jonas Criscoe, Rosalux’s newest member artist, can be seen in the current exhibition at Intermedia Arts

“The We Exist concept is to highlight the artistic attributes of Graffiti Art, Street Art, the genre it self, and the artists that produce it. It especially highlights Graffiti/Street Artists that make traditional art and design. We Exist also examines artists that incorporates the graffiti aesthetic and the tools of the craft into their work.  We Exist  is about the aesthetics of Graffiti and Street Art and its influences on people and culture, thus allowing anyone to understand, study, practice, exploit and simply enjoy it.”

-Taken from the Intermedia Arts “We Exist” website

A review of We Exist can also be read at CityPages here

We Exist can be seen at Intermedia Arts from July 12th – August 30th.