In-Flux: Laura Stack and Valerie Jenkins – June 2nd

In-Flux:  Laura Stack and Valerie Jenkins

Rosalux Gallery June 2012

Laura Stack and Valerie Jenkins find common ground in their love for drawing and working on paper. Both artists start their process with observational drawing and through repetition, ambiguity of scale and distortion; they create images that teeter between representation and abstraction. Stack works from microscopic forms such as nanotubes and diatoms while Jenkins draws shredded paper, transforming this seemingly mundane assemblage into an intricately drawn pattern.

Laura Stack’s mixed media, organic abstractions are an amalgam of the natural and the synthetic. Borrowing from both natural and manmade structures, her drawn, painted, and poured images morph into odd, though vaguely familiar forms that float, hover, and drip. She creates work that suggests our contradictory experiences between biology and technology; the familiar and otherworldly; analytical distance and emotional surrender.

Val Jenkins creates meticulously rendered, large-scale drawings that begin through observation and result in dense, abstract spaces. Her drawings reflect a process that necessitates negotiation between impulse and restraint, between the objective calculation of systems and the subjectivity of intuition and memory.

Together, their work engages a type of recognition that is both familiar and unworldly, appealing to a heightened awareness of the sensory world through the act of seeing.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see Rosalux’s new space and exciting work from Laura Stack one of Citypages “100 Creatives” and Val Jenkins 2012 recipient of the Minnesota State Arts Board Grant.