“Fruit Phonics: New works by Daniel Buettner” in January at Rosalux

ROSALUX GALLERY presents “Fruit Phonics: New works by Daniel Buettner”.

Exhibit runs: January 2 – 29, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 7, 2012, 7-11 PM

Fruit Phonics: New works by Daniel Buettner

The works of Minneapolis-based artist Daniel Buettner are littered with material object imagery. From things lost under the couch you didn’t know you needed until you found them to tasty new toys advertised in magazines. His paintings speak to the innate human desire to want as much as they are a commentary on beauty in its most simple form. Buettner pairs logical form and nebulous space in a single work of art in ways that make perfect sense. Did you ever think you could love a pair of sneakers or a slice of avocado? You will.

In this exhibition, Fruit Phonics, Buettner erases the thin line in your brain that separates a painting from a collage. The objects, painted in a cripplingly realistic fashion against dark collaged backgrounds, appear as though they have been cut out and glued down on the canvas. The backgrounds provide non-specific environments for the objects and echo softly with sub-layers of photographic imagery. Whether Buettner challenges your idea of real beauty or not, his works are passively intentional and subtly powerful.