The Edge of Nature : James Wrayge and Eleanor McGough


February 7-28, 2015
Opening Reception February 7th, Saturday, 7-10pm

The Edge of Nature is an exhibition of paintings engaged in a search. The idea of finding the elusive “edge” of nature is paradoxical in that nature may encompass everything, while simultaneously being a word with meanings that are difficult to define. Wrayge’s nuanced abstractions find influence rooted in classical philosophy that proposes that art is an imitation of nature, and further that art is an imitation of nature in action. McGough’s recent series, “Flight Patterns” and “Flight Jacket Vestments” explore the mysterious qualities of flight, unpredictable natural forces, and insect and bird migrations.

The new paintings of James Wrayge present imagery contained in the world of the wilderness and in the world of the city; illuminating the parallels of nature and the man made world. His compositions are influenced by the erosion, aging, weather and light that occurs in both settings. He explores the contrasts between both worlds visually and emotionally. His work uses layers of textures; the opaque and the transparent intertwine with monochromatic hues and vivid color.

Eleanor McGough’s paintings explore our fleeting place in the larger patterns of weather, migrations, and time. Imagined life forms inhabit terrestrial, aquatic, or atmospheric spaces, revealing fragile and tenuous relationships within these vast systems. McGough is influenced by the research of high altitude entomology that details the astonishing fact that billions of insects are carried in air currents through the layers of our atmosphere. This idea serves as a visual metaphor to the broader context that all life is transitory and swept up in immense patterns of energy.

Gallery hours are 12 – 4 PM Saturdays and Sundays and admission is free and open to the public.