“Double Vision” new work by Tara Costello and Val Jenkins


Exhibit runs: Feb. 1 – 23 , 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 8, 7 – 10 PM

Rosalux Gallery presents “Double Vision” new work by Val Jenkins and Tara Costello.

Tara Costello on Painting:

My paintings explore the malleability of perspective, subtle shifts in time merging to create geometric depictions of a singular point of place. Each painting functions as a close up or an ariel view document of the landscape. Layers of Venetian plaster, raw pigment, and wax troweled onto wood panels build up to create uncanny spaces. I paint to find unexpected beauty in the relationships between rich textures and primitive marks.

I am interested in the way multiple perspectives live, move and shift within the same moment.  My paintings explore varied and dispersed points of view simultaneously. Through the interplay of the rich texture of plaster, a limited color palette, and geometrical forms, I create spaces which invite multivarious subjects and subjectivities to interact.

Val Jenkins on New Work:

My work occupies a terrain that can neither be defined as clearly abstract nor representational. Using both digital photography and painting, I explore the precarious relationship between seeing and knowing. I accept that as a condition of painting, appearances are fundamentally unstable and relational. Perception then, is interrogated through a rigorous process involving pie eyed optimism and sufficient skepticism.

This body of work began with a yearlong photographic study of glass objects which I then digitally altered. The resulting imagery became a meditation on time, the nature of illusion, mirages, black holes, infinity, and the hallucinatory conditions of cyberspace.

In my work, I’m interested in creating a visual dynamic that echoes life in the contemporary world, particularly how both the physical and the virtual contribute to our collective experience. The work functions as a trace of everyday experience; where such concerns as distance and proximity, ambiguity and contradiction, matter and its negation, are infused with imagination and wonder.

Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 12-4PM, admission is free.