Direct Avoidance: John Diebel and Duane Ditty

Rosalux Gallery presents “Direct Avoidance” in September, featuring new work by John Diebel and Duane Ditty. “Direct Avoidance” explores the psychological shift that occurs when deliberate avoidance leads to surprising destinations. Each artist, working with his own personal language and with a diversity of technique and scale, presents work that transforms negative space into positive space, in a metaphorical sense as much as directly. Join the artists for an opening reception on September 9th from 7-10pm. The show will run through September 30th.

John Diebel’s cut paper and collage works began with the intention of being non-political–a reaction of psychic fatigue in the face of overwhelming current events. Crafting polychrome geometric forms from vintage colored and printed papers, and overlaying them onto whimsical photo collages, he offers a glimpse into parallel worlds where alternatives to our current debased state of affairs are possible. Diebel says that it only dawned on him well into producing these works that the mere imagining of different or better worlds has become a momentous political act in an era ruled by a handful of reckless oligarchs who have no one else’s better future in mind but their own.

Duane Ditty says of his work, “My paintings are large scale and contemplative in nature. I see painting as a very physical act and I often work on a human scale. My paintings are a direct example of the artists’ process and contain within them the record of their realization and implementation. The non-specific structural space of these paintings distances them from the noise of the outside world and allows for a contemplative respite. The works invite the viewer to relate on an intuitive and spontaneous level; without irony or jest they manifest a gravity and beauty often absent in our daily visual lives.”

Sample 002 72dpi

Demos in Absentia

Cut paper collage relief on photo collage, acrylic paint

7.75” x 8.5”


John Diebel



88 Afternoon 72dpi 7 X 5.5.


Oil on canvas

76” x 62”


Duane Ditty