I Need To Be Somewhere : David Malcolm Scott and Daniel Buettner


Exhibit Dates: January 3rd-31st, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 10th, 7-10pm
Gallery Hours: Sat & Sun 12-4

I Need To Be Somewhere is an exhibition on the subjects of location and context, and the meaning objects hold in the environment of which they exist by artists David Malcolm Scott and Daniel Buettner. The concept of environment is examined from two different approaches. Scott’s work is an ode to architectural form, and how effective structures harmonize with the surrounding landscape. Buettner places photo-realistically painted everyday objects against curious backgrounds to create new meaning for both.

Long and horizontal in nature, artist David Malcolm Scott’s watercolor scrolls tell visual stories of the American landscape. He uses watercolor, pencil, ink, photos, maps, etc. to weave visual stories of a place, idea or issue. Often highly detailed, the paper scrolls draw on his architectural training to present a coherent beauty, layered with history and meaning. His acrylic works use line, form, solid & void, and color to explore the qualities of architecture. They speak of ways in which built form is used to shape and frame our world.

Artist Daniel Buettner’s paintings show objects placed in contexts different from which they were originally intended to be in. The objects, often simple and otherwise not worthy of much thought, are painted in the finest of detail against photos of unlikely environments collaged into the backgrounds. The “new” setting invites the viewer to construct meaning the same way a child might when presented with a situation that, from the adult perspective is either obvious, or rhetorical, or both. http://www.danielbuettnerart.com/

David Malcolm Scott: "Sky Door" 12x12, acrylic and ink on canvas

David Malcolm Scott: “Sky Door” 12×12, acrylic and ink on canvas

Daniel Buettner: "The Patriot.The Traitor." 12x16 acrylic and collage on mat board

Daniel Buettner: “The Patriot.The Traitor.” 12×16 acrylic and collage on mat board