Danny and Jack: Art Show Promo Videos

Danny & Jack: New works by Daniel Buettner and Jack Dale
February 1st – 28th, 2013
Opening reception: Saturday, February 9th 7-11 pm

Rosalux Gallery is proud to present Danny & Jack: new works by Daniel Buettner and Jack Dale

Danny & Jack is a visual statement of what happens when two artists who can’t stand each other’s work are forced to show together in a single art exhibition. Jack: an old, overweight, ex-Olympic self-proclaimed hockey jock.  Dan: A young, thin, social misfit who always got picked last in gym class.  Jack paints large, textural abstract work with sports-like spontaneity and excitement. Dan’s work is smooth, dark, realistic, and the compositions are as tight as his skinny boy jeans.  Hurt-feelings, name-calling, and other forms of mudslinging will surely ensue.

Buettner erases the thin line in your brain that separates a painting from a collage. The objects, painted in a cripplingly realistic fashion against dark collaged backgrounds, appear as though they have been cut out and glued down on the canvas.  The backgrounds provide non-specific environments for the objects and echo softly with sub-layers of photographic imagery. Whether Buettner challenges your idea of what a painting is or not, his works are passively intentional and subtly powerful.

Jack Dale paints the same way he played hockey in his younger days: with spontaneity, intuition and disregard. He approaches painting from an aesthetic point of view and has always wanted the public to remember his work for the feelings it evokes rather than the content it may reflect. Each line, color, and shape leads to the next in chaos defined by parameters.  Dale’s paintings are random roadmaps, like the spontaneously rehearsed movements of an athlete.