Colonies – Melissa Loop and Amelia Biewald


Rosalux Gallery is proud to announce the opening of the upcoming two person exhibition of new work by Melissa Loop and Amelia Biewald titled Colonies. The exhibition is June 1st- June 30th 2013. The opening reception is Saturday June 1st from 7pm-11pm.

Melissa Loop is a landscape painter who mines the long history of the genre and subverts it with her fantasy landscapes. Her hyper-colored canvases with their haphazard drips, neon spray paint, jumbled digitized shapes, and rainbow-infused skies literalize the artificiality of imagined paradises and bespeak her concern for ongoing globalization, colonization, and touristic expansion in exotic locations.

Melissa Loop lives in Minneapolis. She is 2012/2013 recipient of the Jerome Fellowship for Emerging Artists as well as a 2013 Minnesota State Arts Board Grant recipient. She her solo shows include Soo VAC in Minneapolis, MN, Breeze Block Gallery in Portland OR, and has also been featured in New American Painting Magazine. Melissa graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2005 where she was a the Vanderlip Travel Grant upon graduation.
Amelia Biewald: The lights of perverted science, wedded with an ambiguous desire most efficiently described as male, have by and large gifted conquered lands and souls with bald enslavement, firm acculturation, and frantic mineral extraction.

In this new body of work I see these new islands as an experimental model of the ‘fairer sex’ within and beneath the gaze of these impetuous conquerors. The lands are pure, fresh and comely, but are also in terrible need of taming and corseting. I propose that the spasms of colonial civilization can also be seen as a history of fashion; perhaps the very engine of chic.
As I rework the female form under this model, informed by the fascinating bondage of the triple goddess, I seek to recreate their alluring shorelines and interior landforms as a new frontier; a terra incognita waking up to itself after a long, strange dream.