Chaos Control reviews in Citypages and

Chaos Control: Shawn McNulty and Jack Dale was reviewed in Citypages and which both included a published image of McNulty’s Orca painting.

“Two of the Twin Cities’ foremost abstractionists, painters Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty, employ a similar methodology in making their work. They create their forms through a modicum of chaos during application, and then they control how those forms are juxtaposed and composed to finalize the end result. In this show, color is at the forefront: vibrant and dense in McNulty’s work, restrained and muted in Dale’s paintings. Shapes are obscured or dance with lively intentions on Dale’s canvases, while slashes and swipes on McNulty’s generate an engaging mystery begging for close examination.” – Camille Lefevre

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“Minnesota painters Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty present new large-scale paintings in “Chaos Control,” an exhibit that explores repetition through abstraction. Though the artists define their painting styles in different words — Dale as a “non-representational abstract painter,” McNulty a painter of “contemporary modern art landscapes” — both artists are born out of the school of abstract expressionism, home to Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock. The show’s title illustrates the artists’ similarities, encapsulating the push-pull quality found in their work. Dale’s work seamlessly mixes line, shape and texture with eye-popping color, while McNulty literally etches away the layers of paint on his canvases to reveal new textures and colors beneath.” – Jahna Peloquin

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