Cat’s Whisker Diode Pulses by Dan Buettner and Wander by Elaine Rutherford

Rosalux Gallery Presents

Cat’s Whisker Diode Pulses, Dan Buettner


Wander, Elaine Rutherford

Opening Reception: Saturday November 12th 7-10pm
Exhibition runs Nov 5 th – 27 th , 2016

Elaine Rutherford- “Turbulence” oil and embroidery thread on canvas 6ft x 8ft

Cat’s Whisker Diode Pulses– Dan Buettner

Wander –Elaine Rutherford.

Cat’s Whisker Diode Pulses, the current painting exhibition by artist Daniel
Buettner, is a series of intents designed to prove the question “what is being communicated here?” and is both moot and certain, and naturally so. Buettner’s acrylic paintings of the tried and true people, animals, and things, relate visual matters of fact, that only exist in the plane of the painting. Once the viewer leaves the painting, whatever effect that has been created, is lost. Buettner’s work is meant to be humorous and insightful, playfully serious, and dreadfully beautiful.
Daniel Buettner

Rutherford works in various media including drawing, painting, and sculpture. In the exhibition Wander, Rutherford will show new work which reflects her ongoing interest in themes of landscape and the body and the ways in which one’s sense of place and sense of self might be intrinsically connected to a particular geography or landscape.
Elaine Rutherford

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Elaine Rutherford

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Dan Buettner – “Big Dynocrunch Payload” acrylic on canvas 40×30