Rosalux artist, Laura Stack, is showing her Fluere ink paintings at Circa Gallery in the Twisted Tryst: Circa + Omforme exhibit.
Exhibition Dates: February 11 – March 25, 2017.  Gallery hours: Tues.–Fri. 1–6 pm | Saturday 11 am–4 pm
210 N First Street Minneapolis MN 55401 | 612.332.2386

The Eccentric Fetish of Omforme furniture plays off the luscious colors and textures of Circa artists’ paintings. See more of Laura Stack’s painting at

Fluere # 8, ink painting on paper, 26″ x 20″ – Laura Stack                                                         
Laura Stack Fluere 8














Shapeshifter 37, ink painting on paper, 26″ x 20″ – Laura Stack
Laura Stack Shapeshifter 37

Furniture Goes to the Gallery with Omforme & CIRCA’s “Twisted Tryst”


& Guests">Public Dialogue Feb. 25 Shana Kaplow, Emmett Ramstad & Guests

Join Shana Kaplow/ Emmett Ramstad/ and Guests – Risa Puleo/Sarah Petersen
Public dialogue “Art and the Social Body”
February 25th, 2-4pm at Rosalux Gallery.

 Flyer For Rosalux Dialogue 2017


Laura Stack and Terrence Payne in SooVac’s Untitled 13 Exhibit

Laura Stack’s ink painting and Terrence Payne’s oil pastel work was selected to be in
Untitled 13, a juried exhibition at Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis, MN

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 11, 2017 6-9PM
Show Runs: February 11 – March 25, 2017

Participating Artists: Byron Anway, Deidre Argyle, Josette Ghiseline, Lindsy Halleckson, Anders Johnson, Daniel McCarthy-Clifford, Erica Meier, Terrence Payne, Tim Portlock, Christopher Rowley, Susan Solomon, Laura Stack, Gabriel Strader Brown, Holly Streekstra, Joshua Stulen, and Sam Van Vo

Untitled 13 marks the thirteenth year of SooVAC’s juried exhibition series. Untitled provides opportunities for artists working in any medium and at any stage of their career, resulting in a survey of varied perspectives and provocative work. Each year SooVAC invites guest jurors to select the work, this year it was Dean Otto and Astria Suparak. Every juror provides a unique aesthetic and curatorial viewpoint, giving the public an opportunity to view fresh artistic voices with every new installment of Untitled. More Information at

Laura Stack, Fluere 16, ink painting collage, 2016













Terrence Payne, oil pastel on paper, 2016
Family Was My Safeword Unti 535x538



Shana Kaplow and Emmett Ramstad Exhibition in February

Shana Kaplow and Emmett Ramstad, a new Rosalux exhibition to open February 4th. The exhibition will feature ink drawings and wall installations by Shana Kaplow and sculptural installations by Emmett Ramstad. The exhibition brings together the artists’ shared interest in the socio-political body.

Opening Reception: February 4, 6-10pm
Public dialogue with guest contributors “Art and the Social Body”: February 25, 2-4pm
Exhibition runs through February 26th.

Image may contain: people sitting

Shana Kaplow ink drawings – Emmett Ramstad sculptural installations




The Rematch: James Wrayge and Duane Ditty January 2017

Rosalux Gallery presents
“The Rematch- James Wrayge and Duane Ditty.”
Opening reception:  January 7, 2017 from 7pm – 10pm
Exhibit runs through January 29th.
James Wrayge: “Composition in the Key of X” oil on canvas
Though Wrayge and Ditty have only become aware of each others work relatively recently they have a shared history and similar understanding of painting, both choosing to keep their work abstract and non-objective.  The work of both displays an enthusiasm for the interplay of geometric pictorial space.

Like boxers who return to the ring they have honed their skills and are aware of the necessity for response and exchange in the working process.  Their familiarity with the canvas allows for loose, geometrically defined gestures to create a space representative of action and reaction.  Both work in the realm of discovery and ambiguity where the next move could lead to disaster or completion.

These paintings represent time and it’s overlap, surrounding and circumstance, spontaneity and consideration.

James Wrayge
Duane Ditty
Rosalux is free and open to the public.
Hours: Saturdays & Sundays noon-4pm
1400 Van Buren St, NE, #195, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Duane Ditty:  “Departure” oil on canvas


Cat’s Whisker Diode Pulses by Dan Buettner and Wander by Elaine Rutherford

Rosalux Gallery Presents

Cat’s Whisker Diode Pulses, Dan Buettner


Wander, Elaine Rutherford

Opening Reception: Saturday November 12th 7-10pm
Exhibition runs Nov 5 th – 27 th , 2016

Elaine Rutherford- “Turbulence” oil and embroidery thread on canvas 6ft x 8ft

Cat’s Whisker Diode Pulses– Dan Buettner

Wander –Elaine Rutherford.

Cat’s Whisker Diode Pulses, the current painting exhibition by artist Daniel
Buettner, is a series of intents designed to prove the question “what is being communicated here?” and is both moot and certain, and naturally so. Buettner’s acrylic paintings of the tried and true people, animals, and things, relate visual matters of fact, that only exist in the plane of the painting. Once the viewer leaves the painting, whatever effect that has been created, is lost. Buettner’s work is meant to be humorous and insightful, playfully serious, and dreadfully beautiful.
Daniel Buettner

Rutherford works in various media including drawing, painting, and sculpture. In the exhibition Wander, Rutherford will show new work which reflects her ongoing interest in themes of landscape and the body and the ways in which one’s sense of place and sense of self might be intrinsically connected to a particular geography or landscape.
Elaine Rutherford

Contact for more information or a tour of the exhibition:
Elaine Rutherford

rosalux gallery
Rosalux is free and open to the public.
Hours: Saturdays & Sundays noon-4pm
1400 Van Buren St, NE, #195, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Dan Buettner – “Big Dynocrunch Payload” acrylic on canvas 40×30


Emmett Ramstad Jerome Fellowship Exhibit at MCAD

Emmett Ramstad – Jerome Fellowship Exhibition at MCAD
Opening: Friday October 7th 6-8pm. Minneapolis College of Art and Design Main Gallery.
Exhibit Dates: October 7th-November 8th.
Artists’ Panel Discussion: Wed Nov 2nd 6:30pm. Moderated by Christina Schmid

Calling Station by Emmett Ramstad

Emmett is celebrating the conclusion of his 2015/2016 Jerome Fellowship year with two new participatory pieces for the exhibition. Calling Station I & II feature bathroom stall components, landline telephones and ramps. Participants are invited to use the phones to call numbers written on the walls- they may reach each other, they may reach me, they may reach a sound recording. For the exhibition, I have also continued my practice of creating modified bathroom signage, so that the gallery restrooms are rendered more accessible. I added waterfall soundtrack too! I am pleased to share this exhibition with fellow recipients: Star Wallowing Bull, Holly Streekstra, Lindsay Rhyner, and Samual Weinberg. More info here







Opening Reception: Saturday, September 10, 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates: September 3 – 25, 2016
Gallery Hours: Saturdays & Sundays, 12 – 4pm or by appt.

Stack-Loop show

Rosalux Gallery is pleased to present two solo shows by Minneapolis artists Laura Stack and Melissa Loop. In Fabricated Real, Loop’s landscape paintings use her travels to Mayan ruins in Central America as a subject to explore notions of how we form assumptions about authenticity, place, and spirituality through our explorations and ill-informed ideas of other cultures. In Fluere, Stack’s abstract ink paintings suggest an amalgam of the natural and the synthetic where shapes morph into odd, though vaguely familiar forms and ink patterns bloom, dissolve, and disperse.
Contact at artist’s website: and

Laura Stack’s hyper-color ink paintings allude to a bodily, cellular or chemical world with its own rules and physics. Her work suggests paradoxes and simultaneities; the paradox that living things can now embody synthetic elements, the simultaneity of flatness and depth, and the illusion of movement that can be suggested within still images. Stack’s art practice is motivated by her curiosity in nature and science. Her paintings are an imagined mirroring of artificial biological or what we might call the “new natural”.

Laura Stack, Fluere 3, ink on paper, 26"x 20"

Laura Stack, Fluere 3, ink on paper, 26″x 20″

About these paintings, Melissa Loop says: “I was in Tikal sitting on top of the highest temple after sunset with about a dozen other tourists. We were listening to our Mayan guide tell us a story about him and his twin brother born in the rainforest. The Mayans believe that twins are of the gods. A sign of good luck. In the distance, the tops of the other temples peaked above the rainforest and we watched a lightning storm dance in the sky. Part of the scene was a setup created for us tourists. However, part of it was a rare moment in time that contained all of the mystic and spiritual clarity that we search for when traveling to faraway places. The setup cliche became an actual moment of transendence. By making these half fantasy paintings, I participate in the cliche. However, I can’t help but search for those rare moments where everything transcends and becomes magical again.”

Web Promo Image 500px Melissa Loop

Melissa Loop, Great Sorrow, acrylic on canvas, 96” x 72″

Rosalux Gallery, 1400 Van Buren St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays noon-4pm.





Pattern Recognition: Areca Roe and Bob Roscoe in July

Pattern Recognition:
Areca Roe and Bob Roscoe

Opening reception on Thursday, July 7th, from 7-10pm
Rosalux Gallery, 1400 Van Buren St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Show runs from July 7-31st.
Open Saturdays+Sundays, noon-4pm.
rosalux gallery

Areca Roe

In order to make sense of the world, people are naturally driven to look for repeating patterns in the events, structures and behaviors around us. Perhaps artists are particularly tuned in to recognize and translate those patterns into visual form. Both Roscoe and Roe seek to learn about the world and its perplexing patterns by photographing it.

Areca Roe is presenting her series Housebroken, photographs of unusual pets in their domestic environments. The images explore why and how people are drawn to create a relationship and share a home with creatures like snakes, bearded dragons, potbellied pigs and parrots.
areca roe

Bob Roscoe’s involvement in designing re-uses for older buildings provides a close up view of certain configurations of materials and shapes in the built environment, often within aging metropolises containing structures and fragments of landscapes in disintegration. He intends to reveal to us how certain fragments and glimpses possess aesthetic qualities in their own right.
robert roscoe

Rosalux is free and open to the public.
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays noon-4pmrosalux gallery

Bob Roscoe


PROSPECT: Amelia Biewald & Tara Costello in June

PROSPECT: Amelia Biewald & Tara Costello
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 4th, 7 – 10pm.
Exhibition runs June 4th – 26th.
Barbara Britton Wenner writes about Prospect in her article Prospect And Refuge In The Landscape Of Jane Austen, “Landscape…is an ideological concept. It represents a way in which certain classes of people have signified themselves and their world though their imagined relationship with nature, and though which they have underlined and communicated their own social role and that of others with respect to external nature”.
Historically the word Prospect was most often used to reference “created landscapes” in both art history and literature. Artists Tara Costello and Amelia Biewald both take creative liberty when dealing with the genre. Biewald, who often does massive mixed media installations, is painting landscapes taken from the worlds she created in her recent installation projects. In Mutualism II, the strange world created for her recent multi-media sculptural installation, Autour De La Fin Du Monde is referenced. There the three dimensional sculpture was an enormous revolving disco ball planet, here in this painting, it transforms into a female breast sprouting two happy mushrooms. Her paintings are multi-layered and vigorously worked to produce surreal beauty coupled with an eerie spatial quality.
In these works Biewald strives to achieve varying levels of translucency, further exploring her interest in notions of supernaturalness. What interests her are the inherent visual possibilities of [that] supernaturalness; where the line between what is artificial and what is natural with regards to our physicality becomes blurred.
Tara Costello makes paintings that examine unfamiliar spaces and the emotive power of the interplay of forms. She works with layers of Venetian plaster, raw pigments and wax, which she trowels onto panels creating luscious finishes. She searches to find unexpected beauty in relationships between textures and primitive marks. She paints perspectives that live, move and shift within the same moment. Through the interplay of the plaster, her limited color palette, and geometrical form, she creates spaces that invite multi-various subjects and subjectives to interact. Her landscapes or spaces are different snapshots of a day, a minute’s drive on the interstate or a set of lines in the sky.
Biewald works with a wide variety of materials creating painterly drawings and sculptural works, which often culminate in large multi-textural installations. She received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and Goldsmith’s College, University of London and then pursued installation artwork at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where she received her MFA. She has received artist awards, residencies and fellowships for her artwork including the Skowhegan School Residency, a Bush Fellowship and a Jerome Fellowship. She exhibited most recently Autour De La Fin Du Monde at Soo Visual Art Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Costello is a painter with a printmaking background. She studied In Ballyvaughn Ireland at the Burren College of Art and received her BFA from Minneapolis College of Art And Design. She has been a longstanding member of Rosalux Gallery, a collective in NE Minneapolis. Her work is shown nationally and internationally. She has received numerous commissions including commercial and residential murals Tara currently lives and works in Minneapolis


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