Rosalux 15 Year Book

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Cars crashing through doors, buildings exploding, bricks thrown through windows, economic collapse, and homelessness all sound like an apocalyptic action thriller, but in truth it is just a small part of the history of Rosalux Gallery. Rising from the ashes of the commercial gallery scene that dominated the twin cities art community in the 80’s and 90’s, Rosalux has grown to be one of the longest running truly independent galleries in the region. Rosalux has incubated and launched the careers of many of Minnesota’s most recognizable art figures and has continued to entertain and challenge its audience all the while.

Rosalux 15 will feature the work of current and former Rosalux artists offering our audience a chance to catch up with old favorites and find out what is in store for the gallery in the future. This specially produced book chronicles the history of the gallery and it’s many highs and lows as well as the artists whose hard work and talent pushed Rosalux to the top of the gallery heap over the years.