Scottish Society of Artists at Rosalux Gallery in May

The Cut of Your Jib
A special group exhibition of works by artists from the Scottish Society of Artists.

Opening Reception: Friday May 15, 7-10pm
Exhibition runs: May 9-31st, 2015

Special Event: Friday May 15, 6-7pm.  Film screening and artists’ talk with artist Carolyn Scott and scholar Will Storrar on creative ventures in the civic arts and participatory democracy. “Bus Party” a mixed media film and photo piece on view in the gallery in which artists, writers and musicians spent a week on board a bus traveling around Scotland engaging with local communities and discussing the question “What kind of Scotland do you want?” in reference to the September 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. Free and public. and

Rosalux Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays noon-4pm. Free and open to the public

About the Exhibition:
The Cut of your Jib is a sea faring term, which dates back to the golden age of sailing when sailors on deck were advised to note the cut of the jib of an approaching ship in order to help identify friend or foe.
The works in this exhibition have been selected from the annual exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh Scotland and marks the first of what Rosalux hopes might be many more curatorial exchanges between artists groups across the globe. The Scottish Society of Artists has been an artist-led membership organization since 1891 with goals that include empowering artists through becoming part of an artist-led organization and facilitating artistic exchange and communication with international artists and artist groups.

In this exhibition the works of twenty selected artists showcase some of the rich diversity of approaches to art and art making in Scotland today. It features painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and installation works. Much of the work can be understood directly in relation to place as it reflects on aspects of the particular physical or political landscape inhabited by the artist.

Watercolor by Scottish artist Liam Walker

Watercolor by Scottish artist Liam Walker



Tara Costello’s new paintings “Layers” at Bloomington Theater and Art Center

Tara Costello’s new paintings are featured in a two-person show with Eric Ketelsen entitled “Layers” at Bloomington Theater and Art Center. Show runs from April 17th – May 29th.
OPENING: Friday, April 17, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
ARTIST TALK: Tuesday, May 19, 7:00 p.m

Tara Costello’s and Eric Ketelsen’s abstract paintings and drawings may, at first glance, appear to be a series of repetitive lines. But look again at the detail below and within the layers of each artwork, and you’ll see the subtle but rich variations in tone, texture, color, and gestural mark.

For more information, please visit

Venetian Plaster 4’x7’

Tara Costello, Venetian Plaster, 4’x7’


Rosalux Announces the Return Of Green on Saturday, May 2nd!

green slider(1)

Back by popular demand, Rosalux is proud to announce the return of our blockbuster art raffle Green!  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a winner?  Are you tired of standing outside in the cold with you face pressed against the window pane watching others take home artwork that until now seemed just out of your reach?  Do you just really like the Rosalux artists and want to help support their artistic efforts in the coming year? If your answer is yes to any of these vexing questions then happy days are here for you!

ubertog_greenBecause, Ute Bertog

Rosalux artists are donating over 20 one of a kind original artworks to be raffled off individually, and for only five dollars a ticket you can have the opportunity to win your very own.  Can’t make the event on the second but still want to get in on the action? No worries, you can purchase raffle tickets online up to the day of the raffle and preview the work  at  Participating artists for this years Green event include: Tara Costello, Laura Stack, John Diebel, Mike Sweere, Ute Bertog, Duane Ditty, Jack Dale, Elaine Rutherford, Shawn McNulty, Terrence Payne, Dan Buettner, Robert Roscoe, David Malcolm Scott, Valerie Jenkins,  Eleanor McGough, Melissa Loop, Amelia Biewald, Nick Howard, Rebecca Krinke, Shana Kaplow and James Wrayge.

kaplow plunge

Plunge, Shana Kaplow

Green is a one day event, taking place on Saturday May 2ND from 7-11 PM at Rosalux Gallery with the drawing for raffled artwork beginning promptly at 10 PM.   Rosalux Gallery is located at 1400 Van Buren Street, STE 195, Minneapolis, MN 55413.   Admission is free and open to the public.  We look forward to seeing you the night of the event and wish you the best of luck!



Storm Wall, James Wrayge

Ascent Angle: John Diebel & Tara Costello


Exhibit Dates: April 4th-26th
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 4th, 7-10pm
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, noon-4pm

Rosalux Gallery is proud to present “Ascent Angle” in April, featuring new work by Tara Costello and John Diebel . Through Costello’s high-sheen relief venetian plaster paintings, and Diebel’s precise geometric collage and photomontage, “Ascent Angle” explores themes of progress, flight, and geometric space. Join the artists for a reception on April 4th from 7-10pm. The show will run until April 26th.

Tara Costello is interested in the way multiple perspectives live, move and shift within the same moment. Her paintings explore varied and dispersed points of view simultaneously. Through the interplay of the rich texture of plaster, a limited color palette, and geometrical forms, she creates spaces, which invite multi-various subjects and subjectivities to interact.

The cut-paper collage work of John Diebel explores Modernism’s unfulfilled promises for the future. Through techniques perfected at the Bauhaus and by artists of the Russian Avant Garde, Diebel creates scenes of Dystopian whimsy, depicting flying cities and personal flying machines floating high above worlds in environmental or technological decay. Through a combination of digital photomontage and cut-paper collage, Diebel’s low relief, shadowboxed compositions are windows into futures past that echo the short-comings and opportunities of our own age.


Terrence Payne’s Paintings paired with Fashion in Minnesota Monthy

backdrop image by Terrence Payne

backdrop image by Terrence Payne

Stylist Jahna Peloquin has paired this spring’s fashion with eye-popping paintings by Minneapolis artist Terrence Payne in Minnesota Monthly. See it for yourself at


Rebecca Krinke will show her sculptural installations at the upcoming Northern Spark Festival.

Rebecca Krinke will show her sculptural installation DREAM WINDOW at the upcoming Northern Spark Festival.

Dream Window is a 4-poster bed sculpture installed among the girders of the Mill City Museum ruins. Suspended high above the courtyard, like some surreal animation from a dreamscape, it is a sight for wonder and a site of remembering in the middle of your all-night, Northern Spark reverie.

The bed is semi-transparent, illuminated from within, and composed of odd bedding materials such as black feathers and transparent fabrics. Check it out from below. Look at it from above. Gaze past it across the Mississippi River, the Stone Arch Bridge and St. Anthony Falls. What is your vision?

Throughout the night the artist and her team will create pages of their dream memories—and yours—and sew them together into a single, community dream book.

Rebecca Krinke is a multidisciplinary artist working across sculpture, installation, public art, and social practice. Her work asks questions about place and emotion – and ideas of private and public.

More info about Rebecca and her artwork on these sites.
Linkon my project

Link on overview of northern spark

Rebecca’s blog about the Dream Window Project

Rebecca Krinke's sculptural installation DREAM WINDOW

Rebecca Krinke’s sculptural installation DREAM WINDOW


Interview with Laura Stack about Rosalux Gallery and NE Minneapolis Arts District

NE Minneapolis Arts District VOTED BEST ARTS DISTRICT in the US by USA Today.
Karen Wilcox from interviewed Laura Stack about being an artist in Northeast Minneapolis and a member of Rosalux Gallery. See more of Laura’s work at

Read the interview with Laura Stack about Rosalux Gallery and NE Minneapolis Arts District

Rosalux Gallery-Laura Stack's artwork

Rosalux Gallery-Laura Stack’s artwork

Shapehifter 20 by Laura Stack

Shapehifter 20 by Laura Stack

Rosalux Gallery-Laura Stack's artwork

Rosalux Gallery-Laura Stack’s artwork

Rosalux Gallery-Laura Stack's artwork

Rosalux Gallery-Laura Stack’s artwork




March Rosalux Exhibit, Laura Stack and Valerie Jenkins “Sticky Ridges”

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 7th, 7-10pm

Exhibit Dates: March 7- 29, 2015
Rosalux Gallery Hours: Sat & Sun 12-4

“Sticky Ridges and other perils of silent senses” features the paintings of Laura Stack and paintings/drawings of Val Jenkins in a two-person exhibition at Rosalux Gallery. Both artists share an interest in exploring spatial perception through the simultaneity of flatness and depth, and the illusion of movement that can be suggested within still images. Laura Stack creates a fluid spatial world into which the viewer projects themselves into another world, a bodily or cellular world – a world with its own rules and physics. Val Jenkins’ makes work that she describes as projecting into the space of the viewer, so there is a moment of recognition between materiality and illusion.

Laura Stack’s detailed ink paintings are an amalgam of the natural and the synthetic. Borrowing from both natural and man-made structures, her painted and poured ink images morph into odd, though vaguely familiar forms that bloom, dissolve, and then disperse. Dried pools of ink suggest the flux and flow of indeterminate forms.  and

Valerie Jenkins’ oil paintings and graphite drawings are both pictures of space and they inhabit space as objects. Phenomena gleaned from the material and virtual world create an internal structure that is both subterranean and architectural. Viewed all together, the work functions as a trace of everyday experience; where such concerns as distance and proximity, ambiguity and contradiction, matter and its negation, invite speculation about illusion and reality.

Shapeshifter 21 by Laura Stack, ink on paper, 12″ x 9″


Shapeshifter 20 by Laura Stack

Shapeshifter 20 by Laura Stack, ink and gouache on paper, 16″ x 20″



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