Life Pod – John Diebel & Nick Howard

live pod rosa banner 700x253 Life Pod   John Diebel & Nick Howard

Rosalux Gallery is proud to present “Life Pod” in November, featuring new work by John Diebel and Nick Howard.

Exhibit Dates: November 8th- 30th
Opening Reception: November 8th, 7-10pm
Rosalux Gallery, 1400 Van Buren Street NE,Minneapolis MN 55413

“Life Pod” explores themes of change, chaos and our collective desire to flee what seems like impending doom through Diebel’s precise geometric collage and photomontage and Howard’s dark and humorous psychologically charged drawings.

Join the artists for a reception on November 8th from 7-10pm. The show will run until November 30th.

The cut-paper collage work of John Diebel explores the effects of fear of violence and anxiety about ecological collapse on our outlook for the future. His newest works limn the Utopian art movements of the early 20th Century, contrasting the imagined structures of a positive human future with unnerving Dystopian scenes. Some images are metaphors, others are more literal imaginings of how Utopian structures can be turned into dystopian vehicles for abetting the very forces they were designed to abolish. Diebel explores aspects of the conflict between idealized and actual human behavior in the face of global ecological collapse, wars for natural resources, terrorism, and increasing stratification of human society. He collages intricately engineered cut-paper configurations upon found imagery and digital photomontages. The resulting works raise questions about the viability of humankind to overcome self-interest and whether it is possible to reclaim Utopian ideals in the face of wide-spread Dystopian thinking in the current culture.

Nick Howard’s new series of drawings are reflections on the visceral aliveness of the relationship between uncertainty and control. Howard’s tightly rendered black and white illustrations begin a process of conscious dissembling through the use of charcoal, gouache, colored pencil, and cut paper. His configurations of masked figures and furry tubes are sometimes destroyed and take on the appearance of piles of burnt rubble, or they spring into life as rays of bright color shine through surface apertures. These drawings look at both the playfulness and the anxiety of our human struggle for control while living constantly on the edge of change.

Gallery hours are 12 – 4 PM Saturdays and Sundays or by appointment and admission is free and open to the public.

diebel pod 529x600 Life Pod   John Diebel & Nick Howard

John Diebel “Exo-planeary Surveillance Platform”


nick teeth 467x600 Life Pod   John Diebel & Nick Howard

Nick Howard “Teeth”


Boundary Conditions – Tara Costello and Bob Roscoe in October

tara bob slider 700x253 Boundary Conditions   Tara Costello and Bob Roscoe in October

ROSALUX GALLERY presents “Boundary Conditions”: New paintings by Tara Costello and art photographs by Bob Roscoe

Exhibit runs: October 4th-30th, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct 4th, 7:00-10:00 PM
Rosalux Gallery: 1400 Van Buren Street #195 Minneapolis, MN 55413

Rosalux artists Tara Costello and Bob Roscoe explore the qualities of abstract form and composition enriched by texture and color. Tara’s exploration in geometric abstraction leads her to convey emotional or expressive feelings and ideas reliant on reference to recognizable objective forms that already exist. Tara uses thick rich plaster troweled onto masonite panels waxed to a high sheen finish to create a relief like surface. Bob uses a digital camera, as well as his knowledge and experience in revitalizing older buildings. Both Tara and Bob work with boundary conditions to pare away what can be considered extraneous elements down to their essential integrity.

Tara Costello

I am interested in the way multiple perspectives live, move and shift within the same moment. My paintings explore varied and dispersed points of view simultaneously. Through the interplay of the rich texture of plaster, a limited color palette, and geometrical forms, I create spaces which invite multi-various subjects and subjectivity to interact. The spaces are different snapshots of a day, a minute’s drive on the interstate, a set of lines in the sky.

Bob Roscoe

In a 125th of a second of camera operation, Bob Roscoe captures the effects of time on materials and shapes of particular places in the built environment, sometimes transformed by weather, random events and human indifference. Getting close enough, in view of the camera lens, certain objects become transformed, losing their sense of physical reality and become objects forming art. This image gathering process brings Bob to a myriad of out-of-the-way places, left-behind environments once vital in the environment of human purpose, as well as taken for granted places in plain view that offer here and there an image for the taking. The results are portrayals of composition and texture, which often take on a sense of painterly visual

Tara Costello Here Comes the Sun 595x600 Boundary Conditions   Tara Costello and Bob Roscoe in October

Tara Costello

Tara Costello Underpass Boundary Conditions   Tara Costello and Bob Roscoe in October

Tara Costello




Robert Roscoe Railroad Gondola Panel 700x367 Boundary Conditions   Tara Costello and Bob Roscoe in October

Bob Roscoe

Robert Roscoe Desire Street 599x600 Boundary Conditions   Tara Costello and Bob Roscoe in October

Bob Roscoe



Chaos Control Opening Reception Photos

Exhibition photos of Chaos Control: Shawn McNulty and Jack Dale at Rosalux Gallery by photographer Laura Campbell. Contemporary painters Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty present new, large-scale paintings that explore the creation of unique organic structures in their August 2014 show “CHAOS CONTROL” at Rosalux Gallery.



Chaos Control reviews in Citypages and

Chaos Control: Shawn McNulty and Jack Dale was reviewed in Citypages and which both included a published image of McNulty’s Orca painting.

“Two of the Twin Cities’ foremost abstractionists, painters Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty, employ a similar methodology in making their work. They create their forms through a modicum of chaos during application, and then they control how those forms are juxtaposed and composed to finalize the end result. In this show, color is at the forefront: vibrant and dense in McNulty’s work, restrained and muted in Dale’s paintings. Shapes are obscured or dance with lively intentions on Dale’s canvases, while slashes and swipes on McNulty’s generate an engaging mystery begging for close examination.” – Camille Lefevre

chaos control alist fb 672x600 Chaos Control reviews in Citypages and


“Minnesota painters Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty present new large-scale paintings in “Chaos Control,” an exhibit that explores repetition through abstraction. Though the artists define their painting styles in different words — Dale as a “non-representational abstract painter,” McNulty a painter of “contemporary modern art landscapes” — both artists are born out of the school of abstract expressionism, home to Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock. The show’s title illustrates the artists’ similarities, encapsulating the push-pull quality found in their work. Dale’s work seamlessly mixes line, shape and texture with eye-popping color, while McNulty literally etches away the layers of paint on his canvases to reveal new textures and colors beneath.” – Jahna Peloquin

chaos control vitamn modern art minneapolis review Chaos Control reviews in Citypages and


& Terrence Payne Coming In September">Rosalux Announces Seize Featuring Work From Melissa Loop & Terrence Payne Coming In September

Rosalux gallery is proud to announce our newest exhibition, Seize, coming this September featuring new work from artists Melissa Loop and Terrence Payne. Seize will explore how cultural and personal  identities are manipulated, misplaced and reinvented through Melissa’s luxurious landscape paintings and Terrence’s discerning and colorful drawings.  Rosalux will host an artists reception for Seize on Friday, September 12th from 7-11 PM. The exhibition will run from September 12th through the 28th.

10 700x501 Rosalux Announces Seize Featuring Work From Melissa Loop & Terrence Payne Coming In September
My Heart Wanders Back To You
Acrylic On Canvas, 40″ x 60″
Melissa Loop


Melissa Loop uses the guise of romantic landscape painting to explore the assumed Idea of place. After immersing herself in French Polynesia for five weeks, Melissa was able to carve out an understanding of place beyond a postcard. The use of Melissa’s fragmented, self critical, and nostalgic ideas of French Polynesia confront the fantasy and reality of the exotic and the ways in which tourism and cultural stereotypes are shaping cultural preservation and identity this faraway place.

anenome web 600x600 Rosalux Announces Seize Featuring Work From Melissa Loop & Terrence Payne Coming In September

Any Anemone Is An Enemy Too Many
oil pastel on paper, 66″ x 66″
Terrence Payne


Terrence contrasts the reliquary of antiquated modes of thought and social models of the past against the progressive ideals and transitioning norms of the present shedding light on the conflicts brought about by this constant change.  His archetypal drawings bring focus  to the personal struggles of his subjects revealing the point at which individuals may stop affecting change and start resisting it.  Terrence uses the wit, words, and iconography familiar in his work to challenge his audience into redefining their own place in the world and to ponder how they might influence the perceptions of those around them.


Chaos Control: Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty in August

chaos control slider 700x253 Chaos Control: Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty in August

New paintings by Shawn McNulty and Jack Dale

Exhibit runs: August 2nd–31st, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 9th, 7:00-10:00 PM

Contemporary painters Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty present new, large-scale paintings that explore the creation of unique organic structures in their upcoming show “CHAOS CONTROL” at Rosalux Gallery.  Their process involves repeating components with a painterly approach that allows for invention and divergence. Abstract Expressionists are usually dealing with some sense of chaos and control in their work. The most interesting and aesthetically pleasing forms are often derived from the chaotic application of paint, while the artist controls how those forms can exist in the final composition. Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty have different approaches to the canvas, but the end result exemplifies both artists’ long evolution in their distinct painting styles with elements of chaos and control.

Shawn McNulty, a founding member of Rosalux Gallery since 2002, works his square canvas on the floor using acrylic and pumice with large industrial palette knives.  He also uses his feet with a “shoe palette knife” in an attempt to discover new forms by modifying his control. His work explores the idea of recognizable shapes and structures living within irrational thoughts and emotions.  The process starts out very spontaneously and becomes more detailed as the composition starts to show itself.  The color fields interchange with each other, attempting to find common ground resulting in multifaceted and interesting edges. The process continues until a solution is found, always applying and mixing paint directly on the canvas, scraping away layers to reveal the ghostly characters of the previous. Professionally, his art has found its way into the world. The corridors of the Setai Fifth Avenue Hotel in midtown Manhattan display 200 of his 30×30” archival pigment prints, while his originals have been recently acquired by the corporate collections of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and General Mills in Minnesota. The Vartian Carpet Company headquartered in Vienna will be releasing a collection of large floor rugs based on McNulty’s work in 2014.

Jack Dale is a mark-maker constantly digging for an image that will define his work. Although composition, line, and texture are all important elements in Dale’s painting, it is his masterful use of color that is the most fascinating. His paintings linger in the mind, and continue to evoke feelings long after being viewed.  Jack attended the University of Minnesota on a hockey scholarship and played on the 1968 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team. He also played three years as a professional before an injury ended his hockey career. He approaches painting from an aesthetic point of view and has always wanted the public to remember his work for the feelings it evokes rather than the content it may reflect. Each line, color, and shape leads to the next in chaos defined by parameters.  Dale’s paintings are random road maps, like the spontaneously rehearsed movements of an athlete.  He has been a painter for over 40 years and is found in collections across the country.

ShawnMcNulty Orca 40x40web 600x600 Chaos Control: Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty in August

Shawn McNulty Orca 40×40


ShawnMcNulty Nefertiti 40x40web 600x600 Chaos Control: Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty in August

Shawn McNulty Nefertiti 40×40


JackDale TooManyCooks 48x60web Chaos Control: Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty in August

Jack Dale – Too Many Cooks 48×60


JackDale ShadesOfClarity 36x48web Chaos Control: Jack Dale and Shawn McNulty in August

Jack Dale – Shades Of Clarity 36×48



Special Event July 24, 7 PM: Hazel and Wren @ Rosalux

Hazel & Wren, a Minneapolis-based literary community will bring their inspiring approach to creating and disseminating poems and texts to Rosalux as part of the current exhibition Incident. Details:

Incidents WebBanner Special Event July 24, 7 PM: Hazel and Wren @ Rosalux

Free; refreshments provided!

Hazel & Wren joins “Incident” for night of community, art, and of course, writers. At 7:00 pm, join us for a collaborative, audience-generated poem inspired by the show. We’ll reveal the full collaborative effort at the end of the night. At 7:30, we’ll kick off a 3 poet reading whose work parallels elements of “Incident”: significant moments,  the act of writing, feathers, and the surreal dream world. Poets featured will be Timothy Otte (previously published in Paper Darts, METRO Magazine, The Alembic, and others), Brett Elizabeth Jenkins (previously published in Revolver, PANK, Sixth Finch, and more. She is co-editor of Tinderbox Poetry Journal.), and Opal McCarthy (author of Surge: An Oral Poetics, and whose poems have appeared in alice blue review, Midway Journal, and more.)


—MORE PRESS for Incident exhibition, from L’etoile magazine:

SATURDAY, JULY 12, Rebecca Krinke & Duane Ditty: Incident, Opening Reception @ Rosalux Gallery; 7-10 pm / Free

Rebecca Krinke’s new exhibit builds off of Insomnia, her January 2014 show at Rosalux. Both utilize a black four-poster bed from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Her new work is more feral, raising questions about the space between domestic and wild, animal and human, struggle and rest, growth and stagnation, beauty and ugliness, dreams and nightmares. Duane Ditty’s work explores moments in time and the narrative of light and dark, creating muted, abstract forms that possess a monochromatic drama. -Susan Woehrle


Great Press for Krinke and Ditty exhibition “Incident”

This week the Star Tribune,, and the Minnesota Daily all featured articles on the Rosalux July show “Incident” by Rebecca Krinke and Duane Ditty.Vitamin 471x600 Great Press for Krinke and Ditty exhibition Incident

“In an unlikely pairing, Twin Cities installation artist Rebecca Krinke and painter Duane Ditty have collaborated on a show themed to “incidents.” The centerpiece of her installation is a four-poster bed shrouded in black and surrounded by hangings made of straw, grasses and black feathers. Titled “Incident (After Insomnia),” it evidently attempts to evoke some of the contradictory emotions associated with sleep, which is alternatively cozy, restorative and comforting, or nightmarish, unsettling and tormented. Ditty’s lyrical abstractions are fluid records of incidents that occur during daylong painting sessions.” (Noon-4 p.m. Sat.-Sun. Reception 7-10 p.m. July 12. Ends July 27. Free. Rosalux Gallery, 1400 NE. Van Buren St. #195, Mpls. Mary Abbe

star 476x600 Great Press for Krinke and Ditty exhibition Incident

Figuring out fallout 609x600 Great Press for Krinke and Ditty exhibition Incident


Incident – Rebecca Krinke and Duane Ditty in July

ROSALUX GALLERY presents “Incident” Rebecca Krinke and Duane Ditty

Exhibition runs: July 5 – July 27, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 12, 7 PM – 10:00 PM

Rebecca Krinke and Duane Ditty both have works in this show titled “Incident”: a word that often refers to a an occurrence of seemingly minor importance that can lead to serious consequences. Time and transformation are at play in both artists’ works, but their art sits in intriguing contrast to each other. The overall exhibition could be seen as an installation – Ditty’s paintings line the large bright salon space, while Krinke’s bed sculpture is found in its own darkened room.

Sculpture Incident (after Insomnia) by Rebecca Krinke: My new sculpture for this exhibition builds on the work done for Insomnia – my January 2014Rosalux show. Both works take as a starting point the black four-poster bed from a period room at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Incident (after Insomnia) is a more feral piece – raising questions into the domestic and the undomesticated, animal and human, struggle, growth, beauty, stress, trauma, coping, transforming. A lexicon:

Bed: haven, rest, sleep, recuperate, dream, privacy, intimacy, confined, fear of the dark, insomnia, sickbed, deathbed, feather bed, straw bed, garden bed, nest, the “spirit world”, liminal space, journey of consciousness.
Black Feather/Bird: flocks, mobbing, messenger, migration, magical powers, familiar/uncanny, divination.
Straw: bedding and fodder for animals, floors, bedding, clothing, targets, taxidermy, woven, thatched. Notebook/Journal: written record of incidents, experiences, and ideas.

Paintings by Duane Ditty:
Painting for me is about the timeframe when something happens. An incident has occurred within this timeframe and the painting is a record of it for future examination. In this new series, I am no longer building up the paintings over days of subtle refinement; they are now rapidly reworked each day until I find them compelling. These new paintings executed in a more rapid and anxious fashion replace my stark and more urban works with ones that have a more fluid sense of open space and light. Abstraction to me is the sense of visual narrative, of an occurrence, that gains meaning through the viewer – and in how they understand this and how it relates to their own experience.

 Incident   Rebecca Krinke and Duane Ditty in July

Rebecca Krinke – Incident (after Insomnia), found object (bed), fabric, feathers, straw, notebooks, 7’ x 7’ x 6’, 2014



61 Incident 2014 Oil on canvas 76 x 58 in 459x600 Incident   Rebecca Krinke and Duane Ditty in July

Duane Ditty – Incident 2014 Oil on canvas 76 x 58 in


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