Pattern Recognition: Areca Roe and Bob Roscoe in July

Pattern Recognition:
Areca Roe and Bob Roscoe

Opening reception on Thursday, July 7th, from 7-10pm
Rosalux Gallery, 1400 Van Buren St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

Show runs from July 7-31st.
Open Saturdays+Sundays, noon-4pm.
rosalux gallery

Areca Roe

In order to make sense of the world, people are naturally driven to look for repeating patterns in the events, structures and behaviors around us. Perhaps artists are particularly tuned in to recognize and translate those patterns into visual form. Both Roscoe and Roe seek to learn about the world and its perplexing patterns by photographing it.

Areca Roe is presenting her series Housebroken, photographs of unusual pets in their domestic environments. The images explore why and how people are drawn to create a relationship and share a home with creatures like snakes, bearded dragons, potbellied pigs and parrots.
areca roe

Bob Roscoe’s involvement in designing re-uses for older buildings provides a close up view of certain configurations of materials and shapes in the built environment, often within aging metropolises containing structures and fragments of landscapes in disintegration. He intends to reveal to us how certain fragments and glimpses possess aesthetic qualities in their own right.
robert roscoe

Rosalux is free and open to the public.
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays noon-4pmrosalux gallery

Bob Roscoe


PROSPECT: Amelia Biewald & Tara Costello in June

PROSPECT: Amelia Biewald & Tara Costello
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 4th, 7 – 10pm.
Exhibition runs June 4th – 26th.
Barbara Britton Wenner writes about Prospect in her article Prospect And Refuge In The Landscape Of Jane Austen, “Landscape…is an ideological concept. It represents a way in which certain classes of people have signified themselves and their world though their imagined relationship with nature, and though which they have underlined and communicated their own social role and that of others with respect to external nature”.
Historically the word Prospect was most often used to reference “created landscapes” in both art history and literature. Artists Tara Costello and Amelia Biewald both take creative liberty when dealing with the genre. Biewald, who often does massive mixed media installations, is painting landscapes taken from the worlds she created in her recent installation projects. In Mutualism II, the strange world created for her recent multi-media sculptural installation, Autour De La Fin Du Monde is referenced. There the three dimensional sculpture was an enormous revolving disco ball planet, here in this painting, it transforms into a female breast sprouting two happy mushrooms. Her paintings are multi-layered and vigorously worked to produce surreal beauty coupled with an eerie spatial quality.
In these works Biewald strives to achieve varying levels of translucency, further exploring her interest in notions of supernaturalness. What interests her are the inherent visual possibilities of [that] supernaturalness; where the line between what is artificial and what is natural with regards to our physicality becomes blurred.
Tara Costello makes paintings that examine unfamiliar spaces and the emotive power of the interplay of forms. She works with layers of Venetian plaster, raw pigments and wax, which she trowels onto panels creating luscious finishes. She searches to find unexpected beauty in relationships between textures and primitive marks. She paints perspectives that live, move and shift within the same moment. Through the interplay of the plaster, her limited color palette, and geometrical form, she creates spaces that invite multi-various subjects and subjectives to interact. Her landscapes or spaces are different snapshots of a day, a minute’s drive on the interstate or a set of lines in the sky.
Biewald works with a wide variety of materials creating painterly drawings and sculptural works, which often culminate in large multi-textural installations. She received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and Goldsmith’s College, University of London and then pursued installation artwork at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where she received her MFA. She has received artist awards, residencies and fellowships for her artwork including the Skowhegan School Residency, a Bush Fellowship and a Jerome Fellowship. She exhibited most recently Autour De La Fin Du Monde at Soo Visual Art Center in Minneapolis, MN.

Costello is a painter with a printmaking background. She studied In Ballyvaughn Ireland at the Burren College of Art and received her BFA from Minneapolis College of Art And Design. She has been a longstanding member of Rosalux Gallery, a collective in NE Minneapolis. Her work is shown nationally and internationally. She has received numerous commissions including commercial and residential murals Tara currently lives and works in Minneapolis


Rosalux Gallery Announces Peepshow Opening May 14th

Peepshow Mail Header


Opening Reception Saturday May 14th from 7PM to Midnight

Purge your hidden art compulsions at Rosalux Gallery celebrating our 14th anniversary this coming May 14th with this spring bacchanal and fundraiser titled Peepshow!  We will be transforming Rosalux Gallery into a virtual red light district designed to spank and tickle the eye of even the most frigid art connoisseur.  Peepshow will feature a group exhibition of original work guaranteed to satisfy  your artistic predilections by Rosalux artists viewable only through peepholes, lending a voyeuristic intimacy between the longing eyes of the spectator and the depravity of the artist’s seed.  Peepshow will also feature our artist’s ribald humor in the form of short films in the Peepshow Movie House,  answers to your heart’s desire in the mysterious Peepshow Box of Secrets, limited edition collectibles for fun at home, and many other exciting surprises throughout the evening.  The opening reception for peepshow will be on Saturday may 14th from 7 -midnight and will have a limited exhibition run  during art a whirl weekend.

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Special thanks goes to Pabst Blue Ribbon for their generous sponsorship of this event!  For more information and some sneak peeks of the whats in store, visit the Peepshow event page on facebook


Peepshow Image Chimp
Adult Books
Mike Sweere, tin collage 2016








Somewhere (Else): Priscilla Briggs and Shannon Estlund

Rosalux Gallery Presents: Somewhere (Else)

Work By Priscilla Briggs and Shannon Estlund
Opening Reception Saturday April 2, 2016, 7-10 PM

April 2 – April 25, 2016

Banner Briggs02

Banner Shannon02

Somewhere (Else) pairs photographs by Priscilla Briggs and the paintings and sculpture of Shannon Estlund. Both artists explore imagined spaces or spaces altered by the imagination.

Priscilla Briggs’ large-scale color prints of Chinese wedding photo studio sets address issues of truth and fiction in photography as they conflate with consumer fantasy in this booming business. While wealthy Chinese travel to foreign sites for their wedding photos, the burgeoning middle class is transported to locales of their romantic fantasies through constructed illusions. Briggs’ photos speak to universal ideas of freedom and luxury.

Shannon Estlund’s abstracted landscape paintings feature dirt roads, deer paths, back alleys, and nighttime suburban yards where the familiar is transformed into the mysterious. Through use of expressive color and mark making she conveys an experience of wonder and curiosity in the landscape. Estlund also creates objects that fuse natural and found materials into forms that transmit their own uncanny nature.

Priscilla Briggs holds a Master of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging from the Maryland Institute College of Art and received her B.A. from Carnegie Mellon University. Priscilla teaches studio art at Gustavus Adolphus College. Her work has been supported by grants from the MN State Arts Board, the McKnight Foundation, and Gustavus Adolphus College. Priscilla has participated in artist residencies in Beijing and Xiamen, China. She has exhibited widely including venues such as the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, the Living Arts in Tulsa, OK, the Hillstrom Museum in St. Peter, MN, and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans.
Priscilla Briggs

Shannon Estlund holds a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and received her B.F.A. from the University of Florida. Shannon currently teaches at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Augsburg College. She has received numerous grants in support of her work. Estlund has exhibited extensively in Jacksonville, Boston and Minneapolis. Shannon Estlund


Plain Surface Plane: James Wrayge & David Malcolm Scott

Plain Surface

Exhibition runs: March 5th – March 27th
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 5th, 7-10 pm

The paintings of David Malcolm Scott act as a cross-temporal between the artist and our environment, revealing a visual abstraction of the collision between the man-made and natural worlds.

Often long and horizontal in dimension (and taking the form of a scroll), Scott’s watercolor paintings tell visual stories of places and events through time, often with an environmental bent.

As a corollary to the diversity of his subject matter, Scott’s art incorporates a variety of media beyond watercolor, such as acrylics, pencil and ink drawing, collage and photography. The resulting work draws the viewer into a rich non-verbal history recorded in rivers, prairies, lunar cycles, and human settlements. – David Malcolm Scott

James Wrayge describes his recent paintings:
“ In this selection of autotelic compositions the emphasis is on the planes and textures created by light and its movement as it travels across and within both natural and architectural landscapes.” – James Wrayge


Rosalux Gallery Minneapolis’ Top Art Galleries according to

Rosalux Gallery Minneapolis’ Top 10 Contemporary Art Galleries according to The Culture Trip a national online Arts and Culture magazine.

The Culture Trip is a national online magazine for art, food, culture, and travel. Rosalux Gallery was rated third after Midway Contemporary Art and The Walker Art Center.

Read about it here



ARECA ROE’S Photographs featured in Slate and Wired online magazines

ARECA ROE’S exquisitely odd photographs were recently featured in Slate and Wired online magazines. Take a look at out-of-the-ordinary pets in their domestic environments. – –

Areca Roe Eastern Box Turtles

Photograph by Areca Roe


Terrence Payne in “I AM Kindness” Show on Feb. 27th



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