Asia Ward and Silverfish

Gallery member Asia Ward has been busy this week, both in getting ready for her exhibition Silverfish — opening tonight, July 7th @ 7pm at Rosalux Gallery — and spreading the word through the press.

Here is a lovely collection of articles and interviews with Asia about her work and the exhibit.

Check out these nice write ups in Minnesota Monthly “Do You Like Women Who Weld?” by Gregory L. Scott and in Citypages by Sheila Regan.

Silverfish is also this weekend’s What’s What at l’e’toile magazine.



“A silverfish is one of those creepy crawlys that you are never happy to find in your home; their otherworldly oddity is unnerving at best and repulsive at worst. There is however a delicate if alien beauty in the segmented shell of this creature that is clearly echoed in sculptor Asia Ward’s gorgeous, delicate abstract aluminum artwork. Asia’s sculptural work in metal has received quite a bit of well warranted attention as it’s both lovely and technically impressive. The awkward oddity of the silverfish (or any unexpected creature encounter) is richly evoked in the strange and alarming assemblages of sculptor Amy Toscani. Her projects retain evidence of their creation, lending them a home-made, found object, and even kitschy element that is thoughtful and slightly unnerving. Both artists are interested in stirring the emotions by exploring unexpected beauty and unconventional uses for familiar materials and objects, so this exhibit promises to be a significant showcase of local sculpture talent. “

-Anthony Enright, L’e’toile Magazine

You can also catch an interview with Asia Ward and MN Original here.