Ascent Angle: John Diebel & Tara Costello


Exhibit Dates: April 4th-26th
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 4th, 7-10pm
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, noon-4pm

Rosalux Gallery is proud to present “Ascent Angle” in April, featuring new work by Tara Costello and John Diebel . Through Costello’s high-sheen relief venetian plaster paintings, and Diebel’s precise geometric collage and photomontage, “Ascent Angle” explores themes of progress, flight, and geometric space. Join the artists for a reception on April 4th from 7-10pm. The show will run until April 26th.

Tara Costello is interested in the way multiple perspectives live, move and shift within the same moment. Her paintings explore varied and dispersed points of view simultaneously. Through the interplay of the rich texture of plaster, a limited color palette, and geometrical forms, she creates spaces, which invite multi-various subjects and subjectivities to interact.

The cut-paper collage work of John Diebel explores Modernism’s unfulfilled promises for the future. Through techniques perfected at the Bauhaus and by artists of the Russian Avant Garde, Diebel creates scenes of Dystopian whimsy, depicting flying cities and personal flying machines floating high above worlds in environmental or technological decay. Through a combination of digital photomontage and cut-paper collage, Diebel’s low relief, shadowboxed compositions are windows into futures past that echo the short-comings and opportunities of our own age.