10th Anniversary Exhibition – 20 Artists

Exhibit runs: March 10-31, 2012
Opening Reception: March 10, 7-11 PM

ROSALUX celebrates its “10th Anniversary Exhibition” as Minnesota’s longest running collective art gallery originally founded in February 2002. Rosalux began as an exhibition alternative designed to give local artists an opportunity to exhibit their work in an environment that would bring them high visibility while nurturing their artistic callings without the limitations imposed by many commercial galleries at the time. Over the years, Rosalux has helped over 70 local artists reach new audiences while giving them the space and time to build up the skills needed to further their careers as artists. Rather than looking back over its past ten years history, Rosalux is celebrating its first decade by looking toward its future with an exhibition highlighting the best work from its current roster of artists. This eclectic group show features artwork by our 20 artist members including the collective’s founding artists Terrence Payne and Shawn McNulty as well as new members Valerie Jenkins, Elaine Rutherford, Laura Stack, and Bart Vargas. From painting, drawing, and sculpture to mixed media and photography, this exhibition demonstrates the diverse sensibilities of each artist and the broad range of artistic practices within contemporary art today. Artwork exhibited ranges from abstract paintings that emulate landscape or fauna, figurative work that explores narrative and metaphor, and mixed media composites using drawing, painting, and collage.

Artists: Dan Buettner, Amelia Biewald, Tara Costello, Jack Dale, John Diebel, Toni Gallo, Nick Howard, Rebecca Krinke, Valerie Jenkins, Shawn McNulty, Terrence Payne, Bob Roscoe, Elaine Rutherford, David Malcom Scott, Laura Stack, Joel Starkey, Amy Toscani, Bart Vargas, Asia Ward, James Wrayge.