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GRAVEYARD SHIFT: Drawings/Paintings by Jim Hittinger
LOW VISUAL DISTANCE: Paintings by Shannon Estlund
Exhibition: Aug 12-27, 2017 | Reception: Sat, Aug 12, 7-10pm | Gallery Talk: Sat, Aug 12, 7-8pm
DIRECT AVOIDANCE: John Diebel and Duane Ditty
Exhibition: Sep 2-30, 2017 | Reception: Sat, Sep 9, 7-10pm

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Direct Avoidance: John Diebel and Duane Ditty

Rosalux Gallery presents “Direct Avoidance” in September, featuring new work by John Diebel and Duane Ditty. “Direct Avoidance” explores the psychological shift that occurs when deliberate avoidance leads to surprising… Read the Rest →